“LEaT” stands for “Live, Entertainment and Technology” and is aimed at all players from the entertainment industry. The new hub brings together technologies and services from the event sector, from both the live and install markets.
LEaT sees itself as a new, overarching industry platform that, with its four complementary pillars LEaT con, LEaT con X, LEaT Academy and LEaT Jobs, sustainably strengthens the cohesion, exchange and networking of the industry. The motto “Sharing Knowledge . Shaping the Future” describes the basic idea of knowledge exchange and joint advancement of the industry: because LEaT is from the industry and for the industry.”

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LEaT Jobs | The new job market of the entertainment industry

LEaT sees itself as an overarching industry platform whose various pillars sustainably strengthen the industry’s cohesion, exchange and networking. Within the LEaT universe, which in addition to LEaT Jobs also includes LEaT con, LEaT con X and LEaT academy, LEaT Jobs now wants to address the issue of a shortage of young professionals and skilled workers in the industry and provide personal assistance as a new job market for the entertainment industry..



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