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LEaT con | The new convention for entertainment technologies

The LEaT con has detached itself from the classic trade fair concept with a combination of exhibition, networking and an extensive supporting program, thus creating a unique mixture of exhibition and customer experience that will fascinate visitors of LEaT con and sustainably support and promote the community spirit of the industry.
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>> LEaT con will take place from October 18 to 20, 2022 at the Hamburg Messe exhibition center (the first time as a major event).<<

Opening hours

October 18, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., followed by a networking evening from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
October 19, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
October 20, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Green up together | Working together for more sustainability in the event industry

LEaT con is also strongly committed to more sustainability in the event industry and is also making this topic a priority for its own trade show concept. Sustainability will not only be a topic of the stage program, but also LEaT con itself will operate sustainably.
An article in EVENT PARTNER titled “Stressfrei und nachhaltig: das Messekonzept der LEaT con 2022” explains exactly what the sustainability concept looks like.


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Seven good reasons for the LEaT con!


Hamburg Trade Fair - Hall B6

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The convention for entertainment technologies combines exhibition, networking and education, and focuses on industry topics. The result is a unique mix of exhibition and customer experience, because LEaT con is not just a product show we also provide experiences and inspire with the latest topics.



LEaT con provides an open hall concept in which stages, speaker corners and networking areas are lined with exhibitor stands. This creates a marketplace atmosphere that offers plenty of inspiration and space for industry participants to exchange ideas with each other.



Convention participants can expect an extensive program tailored to the latest industry topics, interdisciplinary and entertaining product shows, informative interviews with the industry's leading experts, new contacts and innovative technology in a relaxed networking atmosphere.


  • FAQ for exhibitors

    Why should I exhibit at LEaT con?
    LEaT con 2022 will prove the professionalization and digitalization of the industry and highlight the opportunities and potential. It makes the perfect platform for manufacturers and service providers from the entertainment and install sector to showcase themselves to interested B2B customers. Our event takes place in the fall and offers, especially this year, an opportunity to meet with customers in a relaxed atmosphere after a busy summer of trade fairs.

    What is unique about the concept of LEaT con?
    After our kick-off event, LEaT con X, we adapted the concept for LEaT con with feedback from exhibitors and visitors and responded to your wishes. With our concept we offer you as an exhibitor maximum comfort and manage the biggest part for your participation at LEaT con, giving you the possibility to focus on your customers. The request to keep the atmosphere of the Schuppen 52 (location of the LEaT con) we have adapted with “The Squares” in the halls of the Hamburg trade fair. We offer you the possibility to stay focused on the essentials – your visitors. Our team will take care of the rest.

    What are “The Squares” ?
    The Squares are a recreation of the LEaT con X set-up. The stands have a fully printed display wall at a height of 2.50 m and are separated at the sides by a partition wall at a height of 1.09 m. In the middle isles, exhibitors have the opportunity to display their products and services. In the middle islands, exhibitors will be able to position themselves prominently next to the networking areas and the catering zones.

    What does the participation to the LEaT con cost?
    The average price of the all-incl. package is between EUR 350 – EUR 380 per sqm incl. VAT. The price depends on the position and size of your booth. Contact our team at support@leatcon.com and we will quote you for your desired space and position.

    What is included in the all-incl. package?

    The all-incl. package includes:
    – Your chosen stand space (size and position)
    – Stand construction with a fully printed back wall at a height of 2.50m (print template will be provided by you)
    – half-height side dividers (109cm) with aluminum framing and all-black color paneling
    – catering flat rate
    – carpet tiles in anthracite
    – AC power supply 1-3kW incl. usage
    – Cleaning of the stand area ( after the set up, on each evening of the event days)
    – environmental fee

    – You can book additional furniture packages and individual pieces of furniture for your stand. Our partner will deliver them to your stand and pick them up again after the VA. The price includes delivery, a three-day rental period, pick-up and cleaning.

    For which group of exhibitors is the LEaT con relevant?
    In the following you will find an excerpt of the relevant exhibitor groups:

    Light: light, lasers, special effects, accessories

    Audio: Audio networks & infrastructure, PA systems, microphones, sound technology, communication and conference technology, headphones, accessories

    Video: Streaming technology, LED/display, projection & mapping, media technology, media control system software.

    Stage construction & set: stages & technology, trusses, motors & controls, special effects, accessories

    Event technology: engagement tools, event platforms, attendee management, interaction tools, gamification, security technology

    When can I book or reserve a stand area?
    Stand spaces can be reserved from now on. Choose your favorite position and reserve your position in our hall plan. You will receive a non-binding reservation confirmation and our sales team will get back to you immediately with details.

    Can I decide the position of my stand?
    Our transparent booking portal is open to all and follows the “first come, first serve” principle. Space utilization and availability are displayed in real time.

    What guidelines do I have to follow on my stand in accordance with hygiene and protection regulations?
    Hamburg Messe has designed a hygiene guideline for this purpose. The following guidelines apply specifically to your own stand (excerpt):

    • You ensure compliance with occupational health and safety standards for the personnel deployed by supplementing your risk assessment with the current hazards associated with SARS-CoV-2 and implementing the measures identified
    • You create a hygiene guideline for the stand (see also checklist hygiene guideline)
    • You ensure the registration of the employees involved in the assembly, disassembly, delivery and implementation of the stand in the organizer’s registration system
    • You plan your stand to ensure that your stand staff and visitors can always maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 m from each other. In this context, you ensure that the allowed number of people at your stand is not exceeded
    • You create opportunities for hand hygiene for staff and visitors
    • You ensure that
      a. Presentations and activities on the stand do not affect the flow of visitors in any of the surrounding aisles
      b. explanations of exhibits or advice to visitors are only given at your own stand
    • Approaching visitors in the visitor aisles is prohibited. Conversations between stand staff and visitors may only take place on the stand area or in alternative areas designated by HMC
    • You will ensure that sufficient air exchange can be provided in walk-in exhibits as well as in meeting rooms on your stand. With this in mind, enclosed rooms within exhibition stands are generally not permitted.
    • Stand celebrations / exhibitor parties are generally prohibited. Receptions must be coordinated with and approved by HMC. The complete Hygiene Guide in the latest version can be found at: www.hamburg-messe.de/en/hygiene-concept

    Is there a hygiene guideline for exhibitors?
    The hygiene guide is available in the download area for exhibitors.

    Can I build a multi-level booth?
    We do not offer multilevel stands this year.

    Do I need a separate permit for pyrotechnic effects?
    Pyrotechnics require a separate permit and must be applied for and approved. The authority to contact for these matters is the Behörde für Inneres und Sport. You can find the application form and contact details in the service folder in the exhibitor area.

    Is there an exclusive caterer or may I offer my own catering?
    Our all-incl. package already includes the catering for you, your team and your visitors, therefore a separate catering is not necessary. However, if you insist on your own catering, we will be happy to put you in touch with Käfer Service.

    Käfer Service Hamburg GmbH (Feinkost Käfer) is the exclusive caterer of the Hamburg Messe. The restaurants on the exhibition grounds are supplied by Feinkost Käfer.

    Who is the contact person for ceiling suspensions?
    Ceiling suspensions must be applied for at the Hamburg Messe Exhibitor Service. You will find the application form and contact details in the service folder in the exhibitor area.

    I need a water and compressed air connection at my stand. Who should I contact?
    Water and compressed air connections must be requested from the Hamburg Messe Exhibitor Service. You will find the application form and contact details in the service folder in the exhibitor area!

    Will there be an outdoor exhibition area?
    We do not plan to use the outdoor area. However, in case you would like to do so, please send us an e-mail to support@leatcon.com with your request.

    How can I get involved in the program as an exhibitor?
    Exhibitors can get involved in the program and share the Speaker Corners, for example – and maximize their visibility at the same time. Everything revolves around valuable content that benefits each individual and the industry as a whole. This not only benefits the trade fair guests, but also you as an exhibitor as well. To get started, send us a short email at support@leatcon.com and our program team will get back to you.

  • FAQ for visitors

    What is the LEaT con?
    LEaT con, the new convention for entertainment technologies for events and install solutions from October 18 to 20, 2022 in Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) is different. It intentionally breaks away from the classic trade fair concept and offers an innovative event experience with a combination of exhibition and convention. Unlike classic trade fairs, LEaT con enhances product presentations with comprehensive information for visitors and the growing importance of exchange between the various industry participants on overarching topics, all in a single space. The result is a unique mix of exhibition and customer experience that will inspire the audience of the new convention for entertainment technologies for events and install solutions and sustainably support and promote the community spirit of the industry.

    Where will LEaT con take place?
    LEaT con will take place on the 18th-20th of October in Hall B6 at the Hamburg Messe exhibition center. 

    When are your opening hours?
    October 18, 2022 (10-18 h), Networking Evening (18-22 h)

    October 19, 2022 (10-18 h)

    October 20, 2022 (10-15 h)

    Who organizes LEaT con?
    The organizer of LEaT con is Ebner Media Group GmbH and Co. KG.

    What is planned in terms of the program?
    The LEaT academy, as the organizer of the convention’s conference program, will provide key educational content for the visiting audience on all three days, as well as opportunities for interaction with the LEaT brand and exhibitors. Exhibitors can contribute to the program with seminars or workshops, providing a deep dive into their products and their functionalities as well as application. In addition, LEaT con will address topics that are currently affecting the entertainment industry via a variety of keynotes, panel discussions and lectures, ranging from a much-needed effective lobby for the event industry to tax and social security issues, event safety, the shortage and promotion of young professionals and much more.

    Will there be an evening event?
    Yes, there will be! We’ll wrap up the first day of the event with a networking evening featuring live music, hop brews and snacks in the stage area of the hall.

    Have you given any thought to the issue of sustainability and large-scale events?
    Sustainability is a big issue for us and is therefore reflected in our concept. With our system stands, exhibitors don’t have to hire their own stand builders, which not only saves time and planning effort, but also minimizes the stand builders’ trips and CO2 emissions. After the event, the system stands end up completely back in storage and therefore we are minimizing waste. In the aisles, we do not use carpet at all. Even recyclable carpet that is laid out for three days has to be produced first. We explicitly do not use plastic or cardboard tableware for our catering.

    Can I get a ticket for the trade fair from Deutsche Bahn?
    Yes, there is an event ticket at a fixed price nationwide, from any DB station. Here are the prices:

    Event ticket one-way with train connection
    ( while stocks last):
    2nd class: 49,50 €
    1st class: 80,90 €

    One-way event ticket fully flexible
    2nd class: 67,50 €
    1st class: 98,90 €

    The event ticket (travel distance greater than 100 km) includes the City Ticket in Hamburg. All information about the DB Event Ticket can be found here.

    Which hygiene and safety concept do you have?
    There are currently many changes with regard to the guidelines. We are monitoring the situation and updating the concept according to the current situation.

    Will there be press tickets/accreditations?
    Of course there will be tickets for the press and a separate accreditation. If you are interested, you can find the press contact person here.

    Are there parking spaces at the fair?
    Hamburg Messe offers several parking garages. The “Parkhaus Mitte (Messe)” is located directly at the fair and has a capacity of 900 spaces. The “Parkplatz West”, with a capacity of 200 spaces, is located behind Hall A3 and is only open during trade fair hours. Hamburg Messe is located in the center of Hamburg, with excellent public transport connections, so we recommend that you travel by public transport during the trade fair. In cooperation with the HVV we offer you the “LEaT con HVV Ticket” – more information will be available soon. Alternatively, you can travel with Deutsche Bahn and get the City Ticket included with your event ticket.

Any questions about LEaT con and stand space?

Contact us!

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