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The LEaT Academy expands the portfolio of LEaT, the new hub for the entertainment industry: In addition to the selective highlights of LEaT con and LEaT con X, the Academy provides the entertainment industry with information and training events throughout the year.
The LEaT Academy offers knowledge and information tailored to the needs of the entertainment market: The topics are generated directly from the current needs of the industry participants and implemented in training and information events. The speakers themselves are industry participants and absolute professionals in their field.
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This is what the LEaT Academy promises:
Demand-driven knowledge and information – from the industry and for the industry.


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for more sustainability in the event industry

Sustainability has been a topic in the event industry for a long time – yet it has not yet reached everyone’s minds. Many industry participants are not aware of their own carbon footprint. However, it is not that difficult to determine this and counteract it with suitable compensation options. Many event agencies have defined suitable fields of action and plan their events according to simple but efficient guidelines. But it doesn’t stop with event planning: with the adapted (stricter) climate protection law, entrepreneurs also have to deal with the topic of sustainability. How do I convert my production to sustainability? And how can a well thought-out, sustainable company management succeed? How can I document and communicate my own sustainability strategy? How do I recognize sustainable service providers and products? And: Aren’t sustainability and digital events actually contradictory?

The LEaT Academy is currently putting together a comprehensive series of seminars on these (and other) questions relating to sustainability in the event industry. For more information and specific dates, click >>here<< … #greenuptogether

We collect all past events of the LEaT Academy for information on our MEMORY BOARD – including participant feedback on the seminars. 


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