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LEaT sees itself as an overarching industry platform whose various pillars sustainably strengthen the industry’s cohesion, exchange and networking. Within the LEaT universe, which in addition to LEaT Jobs also includes LEaT con, LEaT con X and LEaT academy, LEaT Jobs now wants to address the issue of a shortage of young professionals and skilled workers in the industry and provide personal assistance as a new job market for the entertainment industry.

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LEaT Jobs

What sets LEaT Jobs apart from other job markets in the industry?

LEaT combines the target groups of the leading specialist brands PRODUCTION PARTNER, EVENT PARTNER, PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM and FILM&TV KAMERA.

The merging increases the reach of LEaT Jobs significantly, guaranteeing maximum visibility for a job ad in the fields of event, event technology, AV system integration, film production and entertainment.

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