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How to train a Spatial Audio Dome

*Deep Dive Workshop* Audio pre-production for large custom configured venues is always a challenge. The mix cannot be made onsite because it’s always busy and in regular audio production fascicles…

Beyond the Standards: Crafting Immersive Audio for Cutting-Edge Venues – and what goes ahead

Today we have new benchmarks for immersive audio like the Sphere in Las Vegas. What makes such environments so special and are such venues however asked for more, maybe interactivity?…

Between creativity and technology: how software, AI and media are redefining content creation

Christopher Bauder

In his keynote „Between Creativity and Technology: How Software, AI and Media are redefining Content Creation“, world-renowned designer and artist Christopher Bauder will shed light on how software, artificial intelligence and media are revolutionizing content creation and what role they play in this dynamic environment.