Between creativity and technology: how software, AI and media are redefining content creation


Event technology is developing rapidly and is constantly opening up new creative possibilities. But where there are opportunities, there are also challenges: In his keynote „Between Creativity and Technology: How Software, AI and Media are redefining Content Creation“, world-renowned designer and artist Christopher Bauder will shed light on how software, artificial intelligence and media are revolutionizing content creation and what role they play in this dynamic environment.

Christopher Bauder

Christopher Bauder | Kreativdirektor Design Studio WHITEvoid


In einem anschließenden Diskussions-Panel stellen Christopher Bauder und weitere Branchenteilnehmer den Nutzen von KI im Eventkontext auf den Prüfstand. // In a subsequent discussion panel, Christopher Bauder and other industry participants will put the benefits of AI in the event context to the test.


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Christopher Bauder | Kreativdirektor Design Studio WHITEvoid