The future of AI in music production

It seems as if AI will turn the world around 180 degrees and have a strong influence on our everyday lives. And artificial intelligence has also arrived in music production. And not just because of Sir Paul Mc Cartney’s plan to publish a new Beatles song in which an artificial intelligence is supposed to imitate not only the voice of the long-dead John Lennon but also his creativity. In this panel, Sound Engineers Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith) and Jaycen Joshua (Beyoncé, Michael Jackson) discuss the future of the music industry. It’s not just about how music will be written, produced and recorded, but also how it will be consumed in the future.

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Date: October 17th

Time: 14:15 – 15:00

Stage: Gear Stage 

Language: English

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About Jaycen Joshua:

Jaycen Joshua is arguably one of the hottest mixing engineers in hip-hop and R’n’B today! He is known for his work on numerous hits by artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Jay-Z. He has participated in numerous songs that have won the Grammy Award, such as the song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys from 2011 in the category “Best Rap Song”.

About Warren Huart:

Warren Huart is an audio engineer and producer who has worked with many well-known musicians such as Aerosmith, The Fray and James Blunt.

Warren Huart interviews Jaycen Joshua