LEaT con 24 Immersive Audiovation Summit

Du interessierst Dich für die nächste Generation von Live-Entertainment-Technologien aus dem Audio-Sektor?
Dann solltest Du am Mittwoch, 23. Oktober zum

(presented by Audio-Technica, Lawo und TiMax)

kommen. Hier werden die neuesten Entwicklungen der Audioproduktion in exklusivem Rahmen gebündelt und in einzelnen exklusiven Präsentationen vorgestellt. Tausche Dich mit den Branchenexperten der gastgebenden Unternehmen direkt vor Ort aus, stelle alle deine Fragen zu den gezeigten Produkten und entdecke innovative Lösungen, die zukünftige Audioerlebnisse auf ein neues Level heben.


Featured Presentations:

Delve into Artnovion’s innovative approach to room acoustics. From studio control rooms to event halls, Artnovion offers a complete solution for acoustic treatment, encompassing everything from calculation and visualization to implementation. Their products combine the latest technology with modern design, delivering both aesthetic appeal and superior acoustic optimization. 

Audio-Technica BP3600
Explore the BP3600, a premium microphone engineered for capturing three-dimensional soundscapes. Perfect for sporting events, film sets, concerts, and festivals, this high-end, broadcast-quality microphone features a eight-channel, near-coincident array configuration, providing precise and natural spatial sound reproduction. Ideal for 360-degree video and virtual reality applications, the BP3600 ensures exceptional clarity and depth in demanding environments.

Clear-Com Arcadia
Discover Arcadia, Clear-Com’s scalable IP intercom system with optional cloud connectivity. Arcadia integrates wired and wireless technologies to streamline complex communication setups across live events, broadcasting, and installations. Experience future-proof communication with seamless integration, intuitive control, and reliable, high-quality audio for effective coordination in any environment.

Lawo HOME Apps
Get a glimpse into the future of audio and video processing with Lawo’s HOME Apps. These software-based solutions revolutionize the interaction with broadcast and live sound environments. Notably, the mc² DSP App extends the powerful DSP capabilities of Lawo’s mc² consoles, allowing operators to deploy and control these resources on a flexible, software-driven platform. This enhances efficiency and scalability for both live, studio and broadcast productions.

Lawo mc² Consoles
Experience how mc2 consoles cross bridges of genres, always striving for audio excellence. Known for their superior audio quality and operational flexibility, these consoles are ideal for complex live productions across various applications. They offer unmatched control and scalability, seamlessly integrating into sophisticated setups to deliver precise and reliable immersive sound experiences of any kind.

Martin Audio FlexPoint Series
Experience the Martin Audio FlexPoint Series, a versatile range of multifunctional coaxial loudspeakers designed for exceptional sound quality and flexibility. Whether for live sound reinforcement or fixed installations, the FlexPoint Series delivers consistent, high-fidelity audio performance, supported by advanced acoustic engineering and robust construction.

Martin Audio iKon System Amplifiers
Discover the Martin Audio iKon System Amplifiers, advanced DSP amplifiers equipped with factory presets and FIR filtering. Designed to optimize Martin Audio’s loudspeakers, these amplifiers offer precise power, network control, and high-efficiency performance, ensuring unparalleled sound reproduction for both live and installed sound environments.

TiMax SoundHub and TrackerD4
Explore the synergy between the TiMax SoundHub and TrackerD4 systems, which combine to deliver real-time, automated sound localization by precisely tracking performers and objects on stage. This innovative integration ensures that audio follows the motion of actors or moving elements, providing an immersive and dynamically adaptive listening experience in theaters and live performances.


Konkrete Zeiten zu den Vorträgen werden in Kürze ergänzt.


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Immersive Audiovation Summit
presented by Audio-Technica, LAWO & TiMax


Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2024
10-18 Uhr


LEaT Special Area
im Rahmen der LEaT con 24
(Hamburg Messe, Halle B6)