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The program at a glance:

Here you will find an overview PDF with the entire extensive program of LEaT con 23.

Get ready for 100+ panels and presentations at #leatcon2023

What does the live and entertainment industry need to do to be equipped for the future? This year's program will address all the relevant factors in four focus topics and give important voices a platform to be heard.


By responsibly using resources and making a positive impact on the environment and climate, companies and organizations contribute significantly to the preservation of nature. It is crucial for the event industry to join this trend and prioritize sustainable measures.

Promotion of young talents

Targeted promotion of young talents will secure the future of the event industry and counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Young talents bring fresh ideas and innovations that can drive the event industry forward. Therefore, LEaT con will offer a training program for apprentices and students.

Artificial Intelligence

Everybody is talking about AI – but what are the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence for the event and entertainment industry and how can the technology help to improve events and optimize the visitor experience?

Female Empowerment

A strong female presence in the event industry can lead to greater diversity, creativity, and innovation while also helping break down negative stereotypes and foster a more inclusive culture. But how can we provide women with an equal role in an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men?


  • Program Day 1

    We are currently finalizing the program for you. The following highlights await you on the first day of the LEaT con

    ⚡️Lecture by Dr. Uve Samuels on “What potential does AI have for the entertainment industry?

    💡Lighting designer talk with Jerry Appelt, Martin Kuhn and Chris Moylan, among others.

    🎭 Stage Entertainment explains why Hamilton is the most modern of them all as a historical musical.

    🎇 Lighting designer Martin Kuhn gives an overview of tracking systems and provides ideas for a creative approach.

    💚 2bdifferent designs two hours of program on important sustainability topics such as:
    ☘️ Circular economy – events without waste
    ☘️ From obligation to opportunity: the EU taxonomy
    ☘️ Sustainable event management according to ISO 20121.

    The end of the day is crowned by an audio experience: immersive audio with Tom Ammermann and Hans Martin-Buff.

  • Program Day 2

    We are currently finalizing the program for you. The following highlights await you on the second day of the LEaT con

    🤘Miriam Hensel from the Wacken Open Air will conduct a live LWDTT on the Main Stage, bringing together exciting and competent women from our industry.

    ⚠️ LED light: danger for the eyes?! With us: Herbert Bernstädt, Sven Kubin, Anke Schierenbeck, Roland Greule, Jojo Tillmann and Sven Hinzmann.

    🎮 Companion: Is it still possible without…? with Companion Core Developer Dorian Meid.

    🌌 Matt Finke with the topic The magic of extended color spaces: The attraction of high quality HDR 10/12bit images.

    🎡 Lollapalooza Berlin – a panel around the first DIN ISO 20121 certified festival in Germany.

    🐰 Finally: the Alte Hasen Podcast with Solveig Busler and Thomas Giegerich + guest (Let yourself be surprised!).

  • Program Day 3

    We are currently finalizing the program for you. The following highlights await you on the third day of the LEaT con

    🎙️ Gisèle Clark reviews the last decades of music and technology history at Abbey Road Studio in her talk A brief History of Abbey Road, Legendary Studios.

    🔇 Michael Häck and Detlef Hoepfner talk together about The Deglorification of Live Sound – A Practical Check.

    ♻️ Dr. Martin Cames (Öko Institut) and Tim Thormann (UEFA) give an overview of the study The Road to a Sustainable Euro 2024: Concept and Feasibility.

    🔊 Audio specialist Ralf Bauer-Diefenbach will present an impressive immersive demo and

    💸 Petra Lammers, Christian Seidenstücker, Niko Hocke and Max Bauer will talk about the price explosions due to inflation and discuss who should actually pay for it in the end.

    🎤 Casi Will concludes by inviting production manager colleagues and giving exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the life of a production manager.