How K-Pop production works

Renowned producer Dom Rivinius has spent the past few years intensively studying the Korean music market, specializing in K-Pop productions. During this time, he has produced several successful tracks for well-known artists. In his exclusive masterclass, he takes you behind the scenes with current sessions, showcasing what makes K-Pop so special and how you can incorporate these ideas into your own productions. He also demonstrates how arrangements in K-Pop work, highlights important sonic aspects, and reveals the tools he uses to achieve these goals.

How K-Pop production works – and why it’s taking the world by storm

Date: October 24, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Stage: Masterclass

What you will learn:

  • History and Pop Culture of K-Pop:
    • A comprehensive overview of the origin and development of the K-Pop genre and the cultural influences that have shaped it.
  • Musical Key Elements:
    • Identification and application of the essential musical elements that make K-Pop so unique.
  • Arrangement Techniques:
    • Insights into the structure and composition of K-Pop arrangements and how to design them effectively.
  • Sound Design and Production: 
    • Important sonic aspects and techniques to achieve the characteristic K-Pop sound.
  • Practice:
    • Step-by-step demonstrations on producing K-Pop tracks, from the initial idea to the final mix.


Vocal Mixing with Dom Rivinius

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Dom Rivinius (Taylor Swift, U-KNOW)